Upgrade phone on EE, Vodafone, O2 and iD Mobile networks

What is an Upgrade & Should I Upgrade My Phone? Pros & Cons

Thinking of upgrading your phone or are you thinking of upgrading your contract?

Confusing isn’t it?!

Read on for an explanation of both as well as to learn the cheapest way to upgrade your phone …

What is an upgrade?

Mobile Upgrade - How to upgradeThe word ‘upgrade’ when related to mobile phones is often misunderstood as there are two meanings to it and one is most definitely more expensive than the other …

  • Keep you existing mobile number and stay with your existing provider

This is the official term of upgrading, it is when you intend to order a new phone with your current network and retain your mobile number.

This is the more expensive way of ‘upgrading’ which we’ll explain in further on …

  • Order a new phone with higher specifications than your current model

This is the general misconception of upgrading as it relates to most products but not to mobile network contracts. That said, both Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers offer upgrade programs without network contracts making it confusing for the consumer.

Upgrade phone on same network or port number?

Upgrade – Existing Network


Keep your number and network with no credit checks


The more expensive way to a new phone

Unfortunately, 90% of the time you will end up paying a premium for upgrading your phone with your network. You would think there would be some form of loyalty benefit by staying with your existing provider but this is not the case unless you have a high monthly spend which allows you to negotiate.

If you want to compare the cheapest upgrade prices from UK retailers for your chosen phone simply select the logo for your existing network + upgrade from the filters on our website. (The logos you are looking for are the ones in the image at the top of the page).

We currently compare upgrade deals on O2, EE, Vodafone and iD Mobile. If you are on Three or another mobile network then you are at the sacrifice of their own upgrade prices as they do not let retailers upgrade their customers.

Upgrade – Port Your Number

This is the cheapest way to getting your new phone and savvy consumers are doing this every time their contract expires …

You can easily ‘port’ your existing number to a different network and take advantage of their ‘new customer’ deals, ‘porting’ between your two favourite providers every 2 years will end up saving you a bundle.

You can choose from any of the deals on our website that are not on your current network and save well over £200 in many cases.

Porting your number is easy, once you have your new phone simply call your old provider and ask for your PAC code (porting authorisation code). Then call your new provider and give them your code and they’ll transfer your number across within 24 hours.

New Line

There is one more option for getting the cheapest deal with your existing network, however it’s only for those that don’t need to keep their number.

You can simply choose from the cheapest deals which are usually for ‘new customers’ and cancel your old number, you’ll be asked for an existing number when placing your order so that the new number can be added to your existing account.

There’s a ‘hack’ that many do when taking out a new line in order for the most important people to get their new number …

Once they cancel their old number it takes 30 days to switch off, they leave a voicemail message on their old number informing everyone of their new number and then just simply turn their old phone off so that every that calls gets the message.


Now you know the best ways to upgrade, head over to our website to compare the cheapest prices for both porting and upgrading > http://www.PhonesLTD.co.uk


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