What is an Upgrade & Should I Upgrade My Phone? Pros & Cons

Upgrade phone on EE, Vodafone, O2 and iD Mobile networks

Thinking of upgrading your phone or are you thinking of upgrading your contract? Confusing isn’t it?! Read on for an explanation of both as well as to learn the cheapest way to upgrade your phone … What is an upgrade? The word ‘upgrade’ when related to mobile phones is often misunderstood as there are two […]

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 EE Upgrade Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S6 (Black/Gold/White)

We’ve now added EE upgrade deals for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 to our price comparison database for those wanting to stick with EE and their current mobile number. The fist batch of upgrade tariffs are courtesy of The Carphone Warehouse and are actually priced cheaper than their ‘new customer’ or ‘porting customer’ deals. Even […]

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 HTC One M9 launch in Taiwan delayed due to ‘software upgrade’

The HTC One M9 was expected to be launched in Taiwan first on the 16th of March (Monday), but according to Taiwanese media, the launch was delayed due to a “software upgrade.” The news comes to us courtesy of FocusTaiwan. The news agency reportedly got an email from HTC, saying that the HTC One M9 […]

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 HTC Desire 510 not worth the upgrade from Desire 500

HTC Desire 500 vs Desire 510

HTC have now released their upgrade to the budget-range Desire 500 in the form of the new HTC Desire 510 but looking at the specifications of this new handset there’s very little to recommend upgrading. HTC Desire 500 vs HTC Desire 510 First off, the 510 offers a very different design to the previous 500 […]

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 Analysts expect Apple iPhone 6 to be a hit

Wondering whether the iPhone 6 (iPhone Air or whatever Apple ends up calling its next iPhone) will be a hit or not? Analysts are sure the next iPhone will be a hit. In fact, they think the Cupertino firm will make a killing, according to a report from Business Insider. So what will drive the […]

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