Sony XPERIA Z2 no longer available for pre-order – indication of delay?

Sony Mobile UK has removed the “pre-order” button for its new flagship the Sony XPERIA Z2 on its online store. Apparently, this is the same case in its other regional websites. The smartphone is still listed in the online store, but pre-ordering the device is no longer an option. Furthermore, pre-order banners have also been removed. Sony removing the pre-order button for the XPERIA Z2 came to our attention courtesy of XperiaBlog.


We’re not exactly sure why Sony removed the pre-order button. XperiaBlog points out, “We have not seen this happen before for a handset that has already started pre-orders so it seems strange to us. Given the rumours of a delay swirling around we wonder whether this could be related?”

It does note, however, “Or maybe we’re reading too much into this and Sony is doing some maintenance or something and will bring back pre-orders soon.”

Hopefully, the Sony XPERIA Z2 isn’t suffering from any delays and the omission of the pre-order button is just part of their websites’ maintenance.

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