Sony XPERIA C4 (the world’s best selfie smartphone) global launch begins

Sony has announced that it has begun the global launch of the XPERIA C4. The Japanese device maker claims that the smartphone is “the world’s best selfie smartphone.”


Sony announced:

Xperia C4, the world’s best selfie smartphone is shipping just about now.

You may remember last month when we announced our first Octa-core smartphone, the PROselfie® monster that is XperiaTM C4.

Following some brilliant previews and a great deal of anticipation from our fans, we’re happy to announce that Xperia C4 will begin rolling out to shops this week. Whilst it will be initially restricted to the Asia-Pacific region we expect the global roll-out to be complete within the coming weeks.

By means of a recap – Xperia C4 is a large, Full HD screen smartphone with fantastic performance and battery life, featuring smart Sony camera tech design to help you snap the best selfies around.

It’s not just us that says so – Xperia C4, alongside its dual SIM alter ego, (Xperia C4 Dual) – is independently recognised as The World’s Best Selfie Smartphone*. It was tested against the competition in 6 different selfie situations (including outdoor, backlight, night time etc…), and we were pleased to see that Xperia C4 came out on top in every single scenario. Check out the full test report here.

What is not fully described in the report though is how Xperia C4 helps you to become a true master of the selfie. Inside the over-performing 5MP front camera you get smart apps for fun group pictures and original auto-portraits; It’s all designed to give you “selfie confidence”.

In addition to its 5Mp wide-angle front-facing camera, Xperia C4 packs a 13Mp rear camera with Superior auto and Sony’s smartest camera apps. HDR for challenging backlit situations combines with SteadyShotTM anti-shake technology and a softer, more flattering LED flash to create one of the most versatile smartphone cameras in our range, and the whole thing comes at a competitive mid-range price point.

Or as Tony McNulty, the guy in charge of our value range put it: “Xperia C4 caters to consumers that want a smartphone that not only takes great photos, but also packs a punch. Benefiting from Sony’s camera expertise, the 5MP front-facing camera with wide-angle lens lets you capture perfect selfies, while its quality display and performance features provide an all-round advanced smartphone experience.”

For more information, check out the press release here, or visit the Sony website and for details around price and availability locally please check with your operators.

Want to know when the Sony XPERIA C4 will be available in the UK? Phones LTD will let you know once the smartphone is available.

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