Sony XPERIA Z5 showroom unit overheats

Earlier, we came across a video that showed the Sony XPERIA Z5 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit octa-core processor on board going through a 4K video recording test. Since the said CPU is known for overheating, you’d think that the smartphone would crash, but to our surprise it didn’t. This suggested that Sony has addressed the overheating issues of the processor. However, it seems that the problem persists with showroom units.

Sony XPERIA Z5 showroom units with Snapdragon 810 on board still overheats


Owners of the Sony XPERIA Z3 Plus and the Sony XPERIA Z4 (Japanese-exclusive) were plagued by overheating issues, which caused the smartphone to temporarily shut down to cool down. This was caused by the Snapdragon 810. So when Sony revealed that the new XPERIA Z5 will have the same CPU under the hood, fans were worried that the same issues would plague Sony’s new flagship. A recent video revealed that Sony has addressed the overheating issues of the CPU, but PhoneArena seems to confirm that the problem still persists.

PhoneArena was at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany, where Sony lifted the lid on the XPERIA Z5. Showroom units were available for guests to try out, and when the site tested the smartphone’s camera capabilities, it warned, “Camera will now turn off temporarily to cool down.” So it would seem that Sony is yet to solve the overheating issues of the Snapdragon 810 CPU.

So what did PhoneArena do to make the showroom units of the Sony XPERIA Z5 overheat? Did it record videos in 4K, which usually heats up any smartphone? The answer is no. All the site did was look “through the various camera options available, right after checking out the overall interface.” Soon after, the camera app “shut down with no apparent reason,” which is a cause for alarm.

Although this is worrying news, note that the showroom units of the Sony XPERIA Z5 are prototypes, and are not the final versions to be released to the public. This said, Sony may have solved the overheating puzzle of the Snapdragon 810 with the final product.

Here’s hoping that no more overheating issues will plague the Sony XPERIA Z5 once launched.

Sony is yet to announce when it plans to launch the XPERIA Z5. Pricing is yet to determined as well.

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