Next Sony XPERIA flagship to sport ‘new Camera/sensor/lens/software’ combo and new design?

Sony recently lifted the lid on the Sony XPERIA Z4 in Japan. Sadly, this Z4 will be exclusively sold n the country, with reports suggesting that an international version will be unveiled in May. A new tweet is saying that Sony’s next flagship will sport an overhauled camera.


The image you see above, which seems to be deliberately blurred, comes from @Ricciolo1, a Twitter account that is renowned for leaking accurate information on yet to be announced devices especially devices made by Sony. He tweets, “New Camera/sensor/lens/software(+Design/Identity)here’s a SNEAK PEEK :)”

@Ricciolo1 includes the hashtag #futureflagnotthatfar. We’re not exactly sure if he is referring to the rumoured international version of the XPERIA Z4, or the XPERIA Z5, which is said to make its debut towards the end of the year.

Going back to the new camera, we’re guessing the combo may include the new Sony-made IMX230 sensor. We’re also guessing that the next XPERIA flagship will come with OIS (optical image stabilisation). If ever, this will be the first time a Sony smartphone will sport OIS.

As for the new design, the tweet failed to reveal anything other than being new, but we do have a render (see below) of a possible new design taken from leaked Sony documents leaked not long ago.


Of course, since this is anything but official, take this with a pinch of salt.

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