Samsung Gear S UK released delayed – coming November 11

Back in August, Samsung lifted the lid on the Gear S, its Tizen-powered smartwatch that comes with its own SIM card slot. This means that it doesn’t need to pair with a smartphone to take or make calls. Earlier, the wearable was expected to hit stores in the UK on the 24th of October, but since that date has now past, when will the Korean tech giant launch the smartwatch in UK stores? It seems the smartwatch will be available on the 11th of November.


This is according to TizenExperts. According to the site, “We previously reported that the Tizen based Samsung Gear S was looking at a release date of 24th October, which happened to be last week by many of the major UK online tech retailers. Well, as what happens quite often in the Tech world the release has been delayed, and we are now looking at the week commencing 11 November 2014 for its UK launch. No specific reason has been given by Samsung to the delay.”

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