Samsung Galaxy S5 accounted for 0.7% of all Android smartphones in its first week of release

The Korean tech giant launched its new flagship the Samsung Galaxy S5 on the 11th of April. just one week after its global release, it accounted for 0.7% of Android smartphones around the world, according to data from Localytics.


Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most popular in the US market. Localytics explains, “Of the Galaxy S5’s 0.7% market share, a majority of that share – 64% – was found in the United States. Despite Samsung’s South Korean headquarters, Samsung’s flagship devices are most popular among Americans.”

It adds, “For comparison, the predecessor to the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S4, currently holds a 51% market share in the United States, 28% in Europe and 21% in all remaining countries.

“European countries made up only 23% of the Galaxy S5 market share. One reason for the large difference between U.S. and European adoption may be because the device is not yet available in all European countries. It will be interesting to see European adoption of the Galaxy S5 over time.”


Localytics also compared the adoption rate of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the Apple iPhone 5S. According to the data experts, “Given the highly fragmented Android market and the fact that Samsung is competing against the already-released smartphone of its greatest competitor, Apple, the Galaxy S5’s 0.7% Android market share is especially impressive. The 0.4% difference in adoption of the iPhone 5s vs. Samsung S5, one week after release, can be attributed a variety of factors. The primary reason is likely the competition that is prevalent in the Android market. Whereas iPhone users always know which iPhone is the most sophisticated (Apple releases an upgraded model each year), there are many competing Android devices such as the HTC One M8. For users, it’s challenging to know which Android phone is truly the “most sophisticated” when reading the many reviews and comparisons published on tech sites and blogs.”

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