Samsung desperately looking for additional screen panel suppliers for Galaxy S6 Edge

Weeks back, reports said that Samsung was boosting production of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, with the South Korean tech giant planning to ship 13 million units (9 million units of the S6 and 4 million units of the S6 Edge) by the end of April. Samsung’s decision to produce less of the S6 Edge was due to it being more difficult to build and the prediction that consumers would not find the device appealing. It seems Samsung was wrong to think that consumers would not warm up to the S6 Edge, as a report is saying that the company is desperately looking for additional suppliers for the smartphone’s edge screen to cope up with overwhelming demand. Based on distributors’ demand, Samsung plans to triple production, as the S6 Edge is expected to sell just as well or even better than the regular S6.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-edge-official-images (26)

The news comes to us courtesy of ETNews. According to the site, “Samsung Electronics’ TSP supply and demand is on the alert as the demand for Galaxy S6 Edge exceeded original expectations. Until now, Japan’s Alps Electronics had monopolized the supply of TSP for edge models. This is insufficient to bear the total supply of Galaxy S6 Edge’s TSP. Metal Mesh sensor procurement is fine, but TSP procurement matters. Samsung Electronics is in desperate need of an affiliate that has Film TSP production facilities. Film Type TSP enterprises such as S-MAC are being mentioned as new Edge subcontractors for Samsung Electronics.”

We’re hoping Samsung resolves its supply issue, as it looks like the Galaxy S6 Edge will sell like hotcakes.

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