Samsung denies paying people to attend Galaxy S6 launch event in China

Samsung held a Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launch event in China on the 3rd of April. The event seemed appeared to be a hit, with hundreds of people in attendance. Chinese media, however, claimed that the South Korean tech giant paid 500 Chinese youth (under the age of 30) to pose as Samsung fans. Samsung denied these reports, saying these claims are “totally groundless and bogus.”


Samsung said on its official blog Samsung Tomorrow:

Samsung investigated a media report on April 3 that claimed people were temporarily hired and paid to attend the Galaxy S6 launching event in Shanghai, China and later found that the story was totally groundless and bogus.

The news article contended that part-timers, acting as “fanboys”of Samsung smartphones, participated in the launching event. However, our findings have indicated that under no circumstances has anyone been hired or given money to attend the event. In fact, the more than 1,100 attendees, including consumers and industry officials, have all been formally invited to the Shanghai Culture Square where the event took place.

In the wake of the investigation, the media outlet that broke the story corroborated our findings and soon retracted the erroneous story. Separately, we are seriously considering whether to request the media outlet to take further action in the matter by issuing a correction. We will also continue our efforts to find out how this story came to be.

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