Micro-scratches found on a few units of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s screen

Earlier, an XDA forum member revealed that his Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was delivered to him defective with micro-scratches and damaged pixels on the screen. He got the smartphone replaced, but the replacement unit suffered from exactly the same thing. He opted to stick to his Apple iPhone 6 for now. Now a few more forum members are reporting that their new smartphones are suffering from the same issue.


Here’s one theory as to why this is happening, according to xda:

A leading theory is that rough package handling is causing dust trapped between the screen and protective film to vibrate and etch away at the display. Variables at play include the type of screen protection used during transit, delivery method, sterility of the packaging environment, and the presence of third parties such as customs agents and T-Mobile employees who may be altering the original packaging.

If true, it seems that the carriers or customs agents who are “altering the original packaging” are to blame. We’re hoping the same issue does not affect units of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the UK.

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One thought on “Micro-scratches found on a few units of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s screen

  1. I am currently on my third handset purchased from O2 in the UK, first two handsets had scratching or swirl marks, they are usually not visible in store, due to lighting, but very obvious in direct sunlight or under a single spotlight. The phone was returned on the first occasion due to this. The second phone had some, but alot less markings than the first one, but was returned for other purposes. The third handset is the worst, with the screen littered with these swirls, the back glass is immaculate and in all devices seems to be on the front.

    I have contacted O2 customer services and asked on store is there have been similar complaints, but apparently not. Perhaps people have not looked at there device as closely as me, or are not bothered. But quite frankly, if I’m paying a shed load for a premium device, you expect premium quality. Thought I would write in to highlight that the issue may not be confined to the US.

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