Samsung official says ‘foldable smartphones’ could possibly launch in 2016

Currently, flexible displays on smartphones are limited to giving a curved form factor and going back to its original form once flattened out. An example of this is the recently unveiled LG G Flex 2. According to a Samsung official, however, that smartphones that can be completely folded will be “possible” next year.


The anonymous Samsung official told Business Korea, “The industry believes that the commercialization of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016.”

An “official from the industry” told the publication, “When flexible display technology is being used in e-books and laptops, which are substituted for publications, the concept of tiny portable PCs and e-books will be realized in reality.”

Unfortunately, the Samsung official failed to mention specs or what unique features the Korean tech giant’s foldable smartphone has to offer, but that is to be expected since we’re pretty sure the device is currently in its early stages. We are, however, looking forward to the innovations foldable smartphones have to offer in 2016.

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