Check out Samsung’s #NoteMyDay videos that take on stress relief, epic selfies, and the winter sun

Samsung has released Vine artist Rudy Mancuso’s and Snapchat phenom Shaun “Shonduras” McBride’s adventures in New York City with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The duo harnessed their talents turning “frowns upside-down” by relieving stress, snapping epic selfies, and by having fun in the winter sun.


On a more serious note, the videos also show the Galaxy Note’s prowess when it comes to multi-tasking, shaping the duo’s ideas.

In the first video, the two relieves Kate Fallus’ stress by letting her get in the ring and punch her stress away.


In the second video, the take on the “ultimate selfie.” So what involves snapping the epic selfie? It involves standing on a construction lift on Central Park. The results and the view was definitely epic.


The last video is all about having fun it the Big Apple under the winter sun. The duo take a Brazilian man, who felt trapped in New York in winter, and play beach volleyball. Despite the rather cold weather, the three wear beach wear, play volleyball, and have a lot of fun.


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