Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 leak debunked

Last week, Dutch-speaking Toptienmobiel leaked what it claimed to be a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S6 (shown below) out of the Korean tech giant’s rumoured “Project Zero.” The photo showed a device with ultra-thin bezels, which was said to be the redesigned S6. Another site, however, has proven that this leak is nothing but a fake.


French-speaking NWE is responsible for debunking this alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 leak. The photo you see above is actually a photoshopped photo of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. To prove that the photo above is nothing but a fake, NWE shows a photo (shown below) of the original photo and the photoshopped photo, showing that the position of the fingers on the Galaxy Alpha and the alleged Galaxy S6 are identical.


Note that the photo also shows a device that looks a lot like the Samsung’s current flagship the Galaxy S5.

According to previous reports, Samsung’s “Project Zero” was re-designing the Galaxy S6 from the ground up. This suggests we may see something from the Korean tech giant that we have never seen before. In other words, it may not bear any resemblance to any of Samsung’s current devices.

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