10 sensors of the Samsung Galaxy S5

We know of three sensors on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The first is the heart rate sensor, which consists of the “Red LED” and “Pulse Sensor.” The second is the fingerprint sensor, which recognises your fingerprint. But did you know that there are 7 more sensors on the Korean tech giant’s new flagship?


Here’s how the other sensors work, according to Samsung Tomorrow:

Barometer: Determines the atmospheric pressure of a user’s current location and the altitude. Barometer can calculate how many calories are burned according to the atmosphere pressure and altitude.

Hall Sensor: Recognizes whether the cover is open or closed.

RGB Light Sensor: Measures the intensity of the light and is applied to the Adapt Display, which optimizes screen to surroundings.

Gesture Sensor: Recognizes hand movements by detecting infrared rays that are reflected from the user’s palm.

Proximity Sensor:  Recognizes situations where the user places the smartphone close to his or her face. It can immediately make a phone call and turn off the screen to prevent unnecessary touch interaction while the user is on the phone.

Gyro Sensor: Detects the mobile phone rotation state based on three axes.

Accelerator Sensor: Detects the mobile phone movement state based on three axes.

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