Microsoft to discontinue Series 40 Asha handsets?

The Verge has reportedly gotten its hands on an “internal memo” that reveals Microsoft is planning to discontinue its Series 40 Asha handsets.


The internal memo was sent to Microsoft employees from Jo Harlow, head of Microsoft’s phone business. It reveals that the software giant is planning to kill Asha in 18 months and focus more on Windows Phone.

The memo reportedly says that Asha, Series 40, and Nokia X handsets will go into “maintenance mode.” Services associated with the platform will no longer be supported in the next 18 months.

Harlow says, “This means there will be no new features or updates to services on any mobile phones platform as a result of these plans.”

Microsoft will attempt to make users of Asha and Symbian shift to Windows Phone. Harlow says, “Whereas successful hardware was the goal at Nokia; delighting our customers with Microsoft platforms, services, and applications through our hardware is our goal at Microsoft.”

This is backed up by a blog post by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, saying some Android-powered Nokia X handsets will be redesigned to run Windows Phone instead.

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