Alleged real-life Android-powered Nokia C1 photos surface

Currently, Nokia is not allowed to manufacture smartphones until 2016, which it agreed upon after Microsoft purchased its mobile phone division. Since, we are coming close to the end of 2015, this means the Finnish firm can start making smartphones again. Recently, we came across renders that allegedly show the Nokia C1, Nokia’s first Android-powered smartphone. Now, real-life photos of the device have surfaced.

Real-life Nokia C1


The photos seen above come to us courtesy of Romanian-speaking, which seems to have taken the photos from Weibo (China’s equivalent of Twitter). The photos show a real-life smartphone that bears the Nokia brand on the rear shell and runs Android.

The question is, do the photos show the real deal? Although we can’t confirm if the Nokia C1 really does exist, it would make sense for Nokia to be working on one, since it has launched the Nokia N1, a tablet that runs Android.

Going back to the alleged Nokia C1, the photos reveal a sleek-looking smartphone with a very good screen to body ratio. In terms of design, the smartphone take a number of design cues from the Nokia N1 tablet. The only difference is the smaller form factor, since it is after all a smartphone and not a tablet.

In terms of specs, the Nokia C1 is expected to come with a 5-inch screen, which will offer users enough real estate for their touch needs. Also expected to be on board is an 8-megapixel and 5-megapixel camera combo. Under the hood is said to be an Intel Atom CPU, coupled with 2 GB of RAM. As you can see from these specs, the Nokia C1 is likely to be a more affordable handset, rather than a high-end one.

Unfortunately, it is yet to be determined when Nokia is planning to lift the lid on the device, or when the C1 (if it really does exist) will be released. If history repeats itself, Nokia officially announced the Nokia N1 tablet on the 18th of November of 2014, but launched the device a number of months after. This said, Nokia may do the same with the Nokia C1. Word on the street is, Nokia will lift the lid on its first Android-powered smartphone in the next few months, probably in October or November.

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