Huawei working on smartphone sporting QHD display and ‘true octa core’ processor?

According to a source, Huawei is working on a smartphone, sporting a QHD (2K) display and a “true octa core” processor.


This is according to HuaweiNews’ source. According to the site, “The source also said that Huawei is working on a 5inch 2K display smartphone with a true octa core HiSilicon K3V3 2Ghz processor which is expected to be release in September this year. Its priced around $633 and the device will belong to the Ascend D family. Ascend D series is the Huawei’s top of the line smartphone series and we aren’t surprised to hear this news since most of the manufacturers are marching towards 2K screens and octa core processors.”

Here’s a screenshot of the email from the source:


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