Huawei teases smartwatch with 4G LTE connectivity for MWC 2015

Huawei has just teased an image of a mystery device for MWC 2015, saying, “Next is here.” The image shows a round design with a star at the end. Word on the street is that the device will be the Chinese firm’s first smartwatch.

Huawei-teases-its-Android-Wear-smartwatch Is-this-a-teaser-for-the-Huawei-Honor-X2

Back in September of last year, Richard Yu, Huawei’s CEO, hinted that their smartwatch would be a stand-alone wearable, meaning that it would not need to connect to a smartphone to connect to the internet. Currently, the only smartwatch that can do this is the Samsung Gear S, which sports 3G connectivity. Yu added that its smartwatch would be more “innovative and beautiful” compared to Samsung’s Gear S, but didn’t really elaborate on what it had to offer. The logo on the upper left corner says “4G LTE,” suggesting that Huawei plans to outdo the 3G-enabled Gear S with a 4G-enabled smartwatch.

Huawei could be teasing the Huawei Honor X2 in the second teaser (image without a star), which is also said to make an appearance at MWC 2015 in the beginning of March.

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