Software update causes some units of the HTC One M9 to take too long to charge

Italian-speaking has revealed that some units of the HTC One M9 take too long to charge after updating to software version 1.40.401.8. The update causes the smartphones to fully charge its batteries in as long as 13 hours (screenshot below). Normally, it takes the device to fully charge its battery in 106 minutes.


The bug has been acknowledged by HTC UK on Twitter, with the Taiwanese phone maker saying that “this is an issue that we’re aware of since the last update on the M9, if you uninstall the Google Photos application…” Sadly, it isn’t clear whether uninstalling Google Photos is the solution or if the app is the cause of the problem.

Fortunately, there is a fix to the problem. HTC One M9 owners experiencing the issue have to either turn off or restart their smartphones when the start charging. True, this isn’t at all convenient, but it’s an available workaround to the problem until HTC rolls out a fix via software update.

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