HTC lifts the lid on limited edition One M9 INK

HTC has lifted the lid on the HTC One M9 INK – a limited edition HTC One M9 designed by “international super model and fashion icon” Jourdan Dunn and renowned “ink-er” Cally-Jo Pothecary.


HTC announced on its official blog:

HTC INK: The Handset is Here

The time has come. We told you about HTC INK in April, with our reveal of Jourdan Dunn as global ambassador. We gave you a peek at the sketch. We shared insight into how the HTC INK design came to life. And now we’re unveiling the finished product!

International super model and fashion icon Jourdan Dunn partnered with well-known artist and “ink-er” Cally-Jo Pothecary to create an engraving-worthy, body art-style design to be featured on the back of a limited number of HTC One M9s.

We talked with Jourdan and shared some of her thoughts on getting involved in the INK campaign. Now we’re happy to share Cally-Jo’s perspective as an artist and body art designer on bringing together the worlds of body art and technology.

HTC: Where did you learn to become a tattoo artist?

Cally-Jo: I spent a lot of time hanging around parlours when I was younger and then I went to study Fine Art at college, experimenting with graffiti, sculpture and mixed media. After graduating with a first, I began my career in my home town of Southampton and then had amazing opportunities to move to the U.S. to pursue it further.

HTC: Where do you get your inspiration for the body art that you create?

Cally-Jo: I try to stay open-minded and take inspiration from everything around me. I regularly visit art galleries and exhibitions to get fresh new ideas and take pictures on my HTC of images that I connect with. I love to travel, it’s a huge passion of mine and I’m always inspired visiting new countries.

HTC: What attracted you to the HTC INK campaign?

Cally-Jo: I’ve been passionate about art and design from a very young age and I constantly rely on technology, whether I’m using my phone to capture images that inspire me, or playing music while working. I’ve also worked with HTC before and they have a real focus on breaking new ground with design so I knew the dedication to quality would be there. Ultimately though, a campaign that was all about bringing body art to a wider audience through technology, in a design-led way, seemed tailor-made for me.

HTC: What is the inspiration behind your HTC INK design with Jourdan and how did you work together?

Cally-Jo: Jourdan and I worked closely to pull the design together. She’s a big fan of body art already and she knew the type of visual she wanted to create, and the images that would go into it. We also worked through what she wanted to say with the artwork and how it would reflect important things that she’s excited about doing and being more creative herself—and to make it really personal to her. My particular drawing style was something that she loved so it was a perfect creative match, which resulted in a really unique and bold limited edition HTC One M9 INK handset.

HTC: How has the trend for body art developed over the years?

Cally-Jo: The trend for body art has grown hugely over the last number of years and celebrities and fashion trends have definitely been a massive influence. Because of that, there’s been a move away from the traditional “tattoo” artwork and people are just really keen to have beautiful, unique body art that matches their own personal style.

HTC: Do you plan to create any more designs with HTC INK?

Cally-Jo: I’ve really enjoyed the creative process and working with a brand that is just as enthusiastic about great design, and that wanted to be the first brand to use body art in this way. There are so many more exciting opportunities to explore and I hope to continue to push the boundaries of what I do through the HTC INK campaign.

HTC is yet to announce when it plans to launch the HTC One M9 INK. Pricing is yet to be determined.

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