HTC says it will not consider merger with ASUS

HTC’s stock price is at its all-time low, and it looks like the price will continue to drop. This usually gives other companies the opportunity to make a bid for ailing firms, with fellow Taiwanese tech giant ASUS saying it is interested in buying HTC. Johnny Shih, ASUS chairman, said at its annual meeting that his company was interested in HTC, saying it is considering making a bid for the ailing smartphone maker. David Chang, ASUS CFO, confirmed that ASUS has discussed the possible acquisition of HTC internally. It seems, however, that HTC is not interested in a merger or acquisition.

شركة Asus تنوي الإستحواذ على HTC التي تصارع للبقاء


The news comes to us courtesy of Reuters. The news agency quotes HTC posting a statement on the Taiwan stock exchange website, “[HTC] has not made any contact with Asus regarding this matter, and it will not consider a merger with Asus.”

ASUS later clarified it has no current plans on investing in HTC.

On Monday, HTC’s stock rose by 10%, but only after speculation of ASUS buying the ailing smartphone maker.

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