Google to introduce Nexus 9, Android L, Android Wear 2.0, and Android TV on the 15th of October?

It looks like the 15th of October will be Google’s biggest day of the year, as a post on Google+ says that the search giant will be introducing the Nexus 9 tablet, Android L, Android Wear 2.0, and Android TV on that particular day.


Artem Russakovskii said on Google+:

Come on, Update Wednesday!

Fingers crossed for a Search update (4.0?) and whatever other fun stuff. Though, who knows, maybe Google is saving it all for the other launches.

Next Wednesday, the 15th, should be a HUGE day. Here are the maybes that I’m expecting around then:
– Nexus 9 (Volantis)
– Android L
– Android Wear 2.0
– Android TV

Nexus 6 should be early November.

Disclaimer: I don’t feel very confident in the above info, but it was suggested that October 15th is the magical date for all these. I wouldn’t trust it just yet without further confirmations, and please don’t post it on Reddit as if I confirmed it or something. Always remember that plans are volatile and can change. Let’s just concentrate on the Update Wednesday that’s upon us for now.

Unfortunately, we can confirm Google’s plans on the 15th of October. Fortunately, the said event will be kicking off less than a week from now. So we won’t have to wait very long to find out.

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