ASUS considers acquisition of HTC

HTC’s stock price is at an all-time low. Sadly, it looks like its stock price continues to drop. This said, companies see this as a perfect opportunity to make a bid for the ailing Taiwanese phone maker. One of which is ASUS, who is also based in Taiwan.

شركة Asus تنوي الإستحواذ على HTC التي تصارع للبقاء

The news comes to us courtesy of Reuters. Johnny Shih, ASUS chairman, said at its annual meeting that his company was interested in HTC, saying it is considering making a bid for the ailing smartphone maker.

David Chang, ASUS CFO, confirmed that ASUS has discussed the possible acquisition of HTC internally. However, he also said that, although ASUS is interested in buying HTC, the chances of a deal happening between the two Taiwanese firms are slim.

Since HTC launched the HTC One M9 in March, HTC’s shares have plummeted to almost 50%. As a result, the firm is writing off the equivalent of around £60 million for Q2 2015, as it cuts its flagship’s production by 30%. Despite this, HTC says that it is cooking up a new redesigned “hero” smartphone, which is expected in October.

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