Siri just got better with iOS 9

Apple has introduced the next version of iOS – iOS 9. The latest version of the software comes with new features and enhancements. One of which is a better Siri.


Here’s all you need to know about the new Siri, according to Apple:

A smarter way to do justabout everything.

Now Siri can search a wider range of topics for a wider range of answers. It understands what you say more accurately and delivers your results faster. iOS 9 is smarter in lots of other ways, too — giving you helpful suggestions before you even ask.

“Hey Siri, what else can I ask you?”

“Show me videos I took at Iva’s birthday party.”

Ask Siri to search through your photos and videos based on dates, locations, and album titles. For example, say “Show me photos from my trip to Aspen in January” and you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.

“Remind me about this when I get to my car.”

Siri can remind you about things you’re looking at in your apps — like Safari, Mail, and Notes — and want to follow up on later. If you’re halfway through an email, you can say “Remind me about this tonight.” Or if you’re looking at a place in Maps where you want to stop later, you can ask for a reminder when you get to your car.

Siri powers a moreintelligent Search.

You know Siri as a helpful assistant you can talk to, but Siri is also the technology that powers Search on your iPhone and iPad. And now you can get even more answers when you type in the Search field.

Sports scores and schedules

See how your favorite sports team did in its latest game and get the current stats.

Weather forecasts

Get up-to-date weather forecasts for cities around the world.

Stock prices

Get the latest stock prices when you type in a company name or ticker symbol.

Calculations and conversions

Do simple math and conversions in Search.

Quick connections

Find contacts and call or message them right from Search.

Search deep within your apps

Can’t remember which app you saw that apple pie recipe in? Type “apple pie” in the Search field and, if the app supports it, Search will show you the recipe you were looking at earlier.

Apple will be rolling out iOS 9 to iPhones and iPads in July.

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