Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Apple iPhone 6 subjected to drop tests

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Apple iPhone 6 are two of the top smartphones in the market today, but are they durable enough to withstand multiple drop tests? Let’s find out.


The two flagships were first dropped from the waist, simulating a drop from the side pockets of your pants. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6 survive the drop, scarred with a few scratches.

The second test involves dropping the two smartphones head-high, simulating dropping the phone while on a call. The two were again scarred, but remained functional.

The third drop test involves dropping the two top-sellers from a height of 10 feet. The iPhone 6’s sapphire glass-coated camera was severely damaged after the drop. The Galaxy S6 Edge survived the drop, again with more nicks and scratches.

The tester then performed a waist-high drop, dropping the iPhone 6 face down. This finally shattered the screen of the iPhone 6, but still functioned. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge only suffered a small scratch on the screen after a head-high face down drop.

Hit play below to watch the drop tests.


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