New leaked iPhone 6 mold measures 4.7 inches

Last weekend, we came across a leaked photo showing the alleged molds of the iPhone 6 chassis. Unfortunately, there was no way for us to find out if the mold was for the 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch version of the next iPhone. Now, a new photo showing an iPhone 6 mold has been leaked by French-speaking NWE. This new mold measures 4.7 inches.


NWE’s photo (seen above) compares the mold to the iPhone 4S. This allowed the site to approximate the dimensions of the handset, which is 138mm by 64mm (5.43 inches by 2.51 inches). The screen measures approximately 4.7 inches. Unfortunately, the thickness could not be determined.

With the dimensions of 138mmx64mm, this means that the difference in size between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S is significant. The iPhone 5S has the dimensions of 123.8mmx58.6mm. The iPhone 4S measures 115.2mmx58.6mm.

Of course, since Apple is yet to confirm the dimensions of the iPhone 6, take this with a pinch of salt. However, since NWE has proven to be accurate in the past, there’s a huge chance that the leaked photo is legit.

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