New Apple Watch ads show how useful the smartwatch can be

Are smartwatches useful? True, they come with a number of interesting features, but nothing your smartphone can’t do. So what are they good for? Well, apart from preventing you from using your smartphone a few times a day, they don’t really serve a purpose, aside from telling the time. Apple plans to change this with its Apple Watch, and shows us how useful its wearable can be in three new ads.


Apple shows that its Apple Watch comes with a number of features rival smartwatches simply don’t have or have to work on. These include, timekeeping, health & fitness, and communication. The ads show that the timepiece caters to your everyday needs, when it comes to the topics mentioned.

Here are the ads:




In the UK, the Apple Watch is available in three collections. The Apple Watch Sport will set you back £299 (VAT included) to £339 (VAT included). The Apple Watch will set you back £479 (VAT included) to £949 (VAT included). The Apple Watch Edition, crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-carat gold alloys, starts at a whopping£8,000 (VAT included).

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