iOS 7.1 has lowest crash rate, according to report

Apple recently rolled out iOS 7.1, the latest version of iOS. Early adopters have been complaining that the update has made their iPhones or iPads suffer from battery drain or Bluetooth issues. Despite these new issues, this new version of iOS still has the lowest crash rate in the operating system’s current history, according to Crittercism, a mobile solutions expert.


According to mobile solutions firm, iOS 7.1 has a crash rate of 1.6%. By comparison, iOS 6 to iOS 7 had a crash rate of over 2%. This suggests that Apple was thorough testing the update, making sure iOS 7.1 was optimised to work well on iDevices.

This is great news. However, Apple still has to address a number of issues early adopters are complaining about. As mentioned above, some devices that updated to iOS 7.1 suffer from battery drain and Bluetooth issues. Despite these reported issues, it seems most users who have downloaded the update are enjoying the enhancements and refinements the update has to offer.

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