Apple Watch coming to the UK earlier than expected

On Apple’s UK website, the Cupertino firm once said that its Apple Watch, its first smartwatch, is expected to launch in the UK sometime in 2015, with no clear date on when it will be available. Now, Apple has updated the page telling us that its Watch will be available on our shores earlier than expected.


The image you see above is the before and after screenshot of the Apple Watch page on Apple’s UK website. Previously, it said “available in 2015.” Now it says “coming in early 2015.” Apple says the same thing on its US website.

Although Apple doesn’t reveal when exactly it plans to launch the Apple Watch, at least we know that it doesn’t plan to release the smartwatch in the UK in the middle or late this year, but early this year.

Now that we know that Apple is planning to launch the Apple Watch in early 2015 in the UK, the question is when. So does this mean that Apple will shed more light on its smartwatch’s release at CES 2015? Unfortunately, we highly doubt it. According to reports, Apple will launch the Apple Watch in February, since the smartwatch is, according to Apple, is more of a fashion item rather than a geeky gadget.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the Apple Watch? Phones LTD will let you know once the smartwatch is available in the UK.

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