Apple iPhone 6 is the most searched consumer electronics on Google – Samsung Galaxy S5 comes in at second

Google has released charts showing the most searched topics for this year. In the “Consumer Electronics” category, the Apple iPhone 6 turned out to be the most searched. The Cupertino firm’s flagship is followed by the Korean tech giant’s flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5.


On the top of the list is the Apple iPhone 6. Last year, the iPhone 6’s predecessor, the iPhone 5S, was also at top position. In second place is the Korean tech giant’s flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5. In third place is Google’s Nexus 6. In fourth place is the affordable Motorola Moto G. In fifth place is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the most popular phablet in the planet. In sixth place is the LG G3, the first smartphone from a major smartphone manufacturer to come with a Quad HD screen (1440 x 2560 pixels). In seventh place is the Xbox One. In eighth place is the Apple Watch, Apple’s first smartwatch. In ninth place is the Nokia X, the first Nokia-made smartphone to run Android (back when Nokia was still owned by Nokia and not Microsoft. In tenth place is the Apple iPad Air.

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