Indian call centre cold calling using fake names; Mobile / Mobile / Fone Limited

‘Mobile(s) / Fone Limited’ – Cold Calling Scam

It’s been going on for months and the authorities still haven’t caught these scammers, they are even using our physical address in emails and on fake websites.

They have also claimed to be in partnership with Carphone Warehouse and and are still busy ruining people’s credit scores and leaving them with 2 year contracts to pay and no phone to return to cancel them.

So we’ve decided to post about what they do and hopefully help some people/victims …

Mobile/ Mobiles/ Fone Limited Scam

The fraudsters have used all of the above names for their non-existent business, we think they are currently using: Mobile Limited

They’ve had fake websites created using the names; fonelimited and mobilelimited.

How does the Scam Work?

Indian call centre mobile phone contract scam

A UK gang based in the Manchester area are paying an Indian call centre to make the calls.

They cold call UK residents offering what seem like amazingly low priced mobile deals, however the deals simply do not exist.

The goal is to gain your personal and banking details over the phone so that they can start their scam.

They will literally say anything to get hold of your details, like discounting an already ridiculously cheap deal even further from say £25 a month for an iPhone XS Max down to just £15 if you “sign up now”.

Once they have your details, they pretend to be you and order as many mobile phone contracts in your name as they can before your credit score doesn’t allow any more.

They apply via O2, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone mostly but have been known to apply to other networks.

They order the most expensive phones available, usually if you think you’ve ordered something like an iPhone XR, they’ll be busy ordering a Samsung Note 9 or new Samsung S10+.

They do not care how much a month they sign you up to, they simply choose the lowest monthly tariff to offer the phone free of charge or with a small upfront cost, ie: £85 a month with £25 upfront.

They use their own email addresses for the orders so that they can track when the phone(s) are being delivered to your house.

They do this so that they can carry out the second part of their scam …

Scammer asks to return phones back to fake addresses

The UK gang then call you and pretend to have “made a mistake in their dispatch department” or something similar.

They explain that the order if “for another customer” and to please return (send) it to the address they provide.

They even try to convince you to do this by offering the refund the postage cost as well as offer a free Samsung tablet for your trouble.

The addresses they have previously used have been mostly in the Manchester area although we’ve also spoken to victims who have been asked to send the phones to Edinburgh!

The addresses are almost always empty houses/flats and in some cases above convenience stores.

The UK gang send someone to wait for the phone packages to be delivered, sign for and steal the phones.

How does this effect you?

This leaves the victims with multiple 24 month contracts to pay and no phones to send back to where they actually came from to cancel the contracts!

It also ruins the victims’ credit scores from the multiple failed contract applications to the networks.

What should you do if you are a victim?

Immediately cancel the bank card you gave to the fraudsters and get a new one issued by your bank.

(You can find a number to call on the back of your bank card).

You’ll need to contact the network(s) that the fraudsters ordered your phone(s) from to explain you’ve been a victim of fraud.

If they refuse to cancel the contract(s) then you’ll need to report the crime to the police, they will give you a crime reference number which proves you are a victim of crime which you can then use to convince the network that it wasn’t you that ordered the phone(s).

We hope this helps someone before they become a victim, as well as those that might be researching the fake company names; Mobile / Mobile / Fone Limited.

3 thoughts on “‘Mobile(s) / Fone Limited’ – Cold Calling Scam

    • You’re welcome Lewis.

      Good to hear you researched the issue and glad we have helped.

      Let’s hope they stop as more people discover what they do.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  1. On 29.07.2019 I recieved a Call from “FoneLimited” and after spending 15 minutes on the Phone with my Network Provider, and thereafter conducting my own research based on the Information I was given and found.. I sent them this.

    Dear Sir

    In relation to our Phone call earlier today, I can confirm that you gave me enough time to conduct my own investigation into your Alleged “Company”, and am now warning you that the email which you sent me is now in circulation with the relavent people.

    The Companies as mentioned on your FAKE Website, are unaware of any “deals” you have in place with their Senior Management Teams, and are now conducting their own Investigations.

    “Fone Limited” and “Mobile Limited” have also been reported to The UK Trading Standards Authorities and Greater Manchester Police!

    I will also be notifying others on Social Media.

    Many Thanks.

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