Microsoft cooking up an edged Lumia?

Currently, smartphones with edged screen are made by Samsung. The first was the Galaxy Note Edge, followed by this year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. According to reports, demand for the S6 Edge overwhelmed the South Korean tech giant, forcing them to do everything necessary to bump up production. It seems that another smartphone manufacturer wants to jump on the edge bandwagon.


The image you see above was leaked by Steve Hammerstoffer (the person behind French-speaking NWE) on Twitter. The leaked photo suggests that Nokia may have been working on a prototype with an edged screen just like the S6 Edge. Since, Nokia is still seen on the panel, it suggests that this may have happened before Microsoft acquired Nokia. The windows logo also suggests that this is a Windows Phone handset.

Since it has been established that the panel is part of a prototype, you may be wondering if the project was scrapped, or if Microsoft decided to continue working on the project. Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question at the moment.

So when do we get to find out if Microsoft is working on an edged Lumia or not? According to the software giant, it will release its next flagship once Windows 10 Mobile is ready to be launched. We’ll probably see it, if it exists, by then.

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