Check this stunning footage taken by an LG G4 mounted under a drone

The LG G4 comes with a 16-megapixel rear-facing 1/2.6″ camera sensor with LG’s improved OIS 2 technology. This translates to high-quality captured images and recorded videos. So what happens when you mount the smartphone under a drone? You get stunning footage.


Here’s the video:


Aside from the LG G4’s superior 16-megapixel rear-facing camera, it also comes with among the best specs smartphone technology has to offer. It comes with a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (Quad HD) (pixel density of 534 ppi), an 8-megapixel selfie-centric front-facing camera, 32 GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot (as much as 128 GB), a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 64-bit hexa-core processor with four ARM Cortex-A53 and two ARM Cortex-A57 cores, an Adreno 418 GPU, 3 GB of RAM, and a 3,000 mAh battery. It runs Android 5.1 (Lollipop) with LG’s UX 4.0 slapped on top. It measures 148.9 x 76.1 x 6.3 – 9.8 mm. You can get leather back covers for the LG G4 in various colours for that more premium look and feel.

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