LG G3 units in South Korea to get Lollipop update by the end of this week?

LG G3 owners in South Korea are expecting the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) update to roll out to their smartphone before the end of the week, LG announced in its Korean-speaking website.


Translating the page, it seems all three major network operators in South Korea (LG U+, Korea Telecom, and SKT) will be rolling out the Lollipop update at the same time. Alternatively, South Korean owners of the LG G3 can download the update via LG’s website.

Here’s the announcement translated to English by Google Translate:

LG Electronics has conducted the Android operating system version 5.0 ‘Lollipop (Lollipop)’ upgrading in the country.

LG Electronics is targeting the ‘G3’ user, and start the upgrade while three companies within the mobile communication this week. The domestic smartphone announced a ‘lollipop’ upgrade schedule is intended for users is the first manufacturer LG Electronics. ‘G3’ is subsequently plan to upgrade for the main products of the other.

‘G3’ Users LG Mobile website ( www.lgmobile.co.kr receive a download directly from within the download center) can be upgraded.

‘Lollipop’ upgrade using bright colors and shadows makes the flat design of the existing three-dimensional and two-dimensional plane with more sensational. Newly introduced Android runtime (ART) is an app running speed increases. Smart Watch, TV, the interoperability with other devices such as tablet also strengthened. Reliable Bluetooth device that comes close to the locking of the smartphone is automatically disabled.

LG Electronics MC Company CEO Chong-sŏk Pak said “proved this ‘Lollipop’ If LG smartphone customers with the ability to upgrade the fastest once again, after-sales service to be provided,” said, “will continue to strengthen cooperation with Google customers he said will strive to deliver the best possible service.”

Now that we know when Lollipop will be rolling out to LG G3 units in South Korea, when will the update roll out to the smartphone in the UK? There’s still no word on when the update will be available in the UK, but we’re hoping it will be available shortly after its South Korean release.

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