LG G3 explodes while charging

A Reddit users reports that his sister’s LG G3 exploded while charging. We’ve come across a number of incidents of exploding smartphones, due to third-party accessories such as chargers and batteries. What makes this story unique is that no third-party accessories were used.

Battery-looks-like-a-lump-of-coal-following-the-incident Burnt-casing-from-the-LG-G3 Fire-in-progress LG-G3-explosion-and-fire-damages-mattress LG-G3-explosion-and-fire-damages-mattress (1)

The Reddit user that goes by the name of s-blade writes:

This happened suddenly to my little sister’s phone. She was awake in her bedroom, we were annoying her to start getting ready for the morning when she was suddenly crying out that her phone exploded and we turned around to see tons of smoke coming from inside her room. It was literally right beside her.

We did have the fire extinguisher handy, but when the battery continued to burn through the mattress, we were forced to toss the mattress out the window.

First picture is while the phone is burning through the mattress (yes, we took a picture while tending to the emergency), other two are of the aftermath.

The family is spreading this through social media as well as contacting insurance/LG/etc., but any other advice is appreciated.

I noticed that there have been reports of the LG G3 having overheating problems with the charging port and I’ve also seen bad charging cables cause hazard, but as you can see from the pictures of the melted phone, it was mainly the battery that was affected.

No third-party accessories were used:

The battery was not 3rd party, and the device wasn’t left under a pillow or blanket or anything, it was simply on top of the bed instead of on top of a table.

Have you experienced the same overheating issues with your LG G3? Let us know through a comment on our Phones LTD Facebook page.

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