Three Mobile Launches Contracts for the LG G4 in White

Great news for anyone that’s been waiting for the ceramic white edition of LG’s new flagship G4 to be released, Three Mobile have today (exclusively) launched contract deals for the LG G4 White.

Joining the already released LG G4 in Titanium (Titan) Metallic Grey and gold with hard backs plus the premium black and brown real leather backed editions, the white ceramic is penultimate colour scheme to launch whilst we wait for the red leather model.

Cheapest prices for LG G4 White contract deals

Compare deals for the LG G4 in White Ceramic and buy at the cheapest prices

Contract Costs

Prices for these Three pay monthly tariffs start from £37 a month with no upfront cost for your new ceramic white LG G4 phone and include unlimited calls and 4GB of data, if you need even more there’s unlimited (All You Can Eat) calls, text and data available at £43 a month, again with no upfront cost for the phone.

Three Mobile have also released the ceramic white LG G4 on their Pay As You Go scheme featuring the 1p, 2p, 3p plan, the phone currently costs £479.99 with a £10 top-up cost and offers 3p a minutes calls, 2p per text message and 1p per megabyte of data used.

What the LG G4 offers

LG G4 in White Ceramic colour scheme

LG G4 in White Ceramic colour scheme

The LG G4 delivers a stunning visual experience, using its 5.5” gently curved, IPS Quantum screen boasting four times the resolution of Full HD.

The G4 also has a 16 megapixel camera with laser auto focus, Image Stabilisation (OIS 2) and an f/1.8 lens to put you in full control. Using the Quick Shot mode is intuitive and time saving. Simply double tap the rear key to open the camera and snap a photo, even when the screen is off. It also has an Expert Mode with options to control every detail, including shutter speed, exposure levels, white balance and down to the type of file saved.

Like a selfie? The LG G4 has got you covered. Using the 8 megapixel, wide angle front facing camera couldn’t be more straightforward. You only need to make a simple hand gesture to the camera for it to take your photo.

The speedy 64-bit Hexa-core processor supports all your power needs, effortlessly running multiple applications, streaming HD movies and being super responsive.

The LG G4 also comes with a huge removable battery for all day power, expandable storage up to a whopping 250GB and with each device you also get 100GB of Google drive storage, for two years.

This super phone also has a gently curved body that sits comfortably in the hand.

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