Check out these 4 new Android 5.0 Lollipop ads

Remember Google’s “be together. not the same” ads, which feature different Android animations promoting Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Well, the search giant has released four new ads, again telling you to “be together,” and “not the same.”


In the first spot, called “Android: Garage Band,” four band members are recording a song on a Nexus 6. Three of the band members look like rockers, but the fourth looks like a flute-blowing band geek. However, she ends up smashing her flute just like a rock star would. Google ends the ad with the tag line: “awesome cams for awesome jams.”


Remember the past Android ad with a bunch of Androids in an RV? Well the second spot called “Android: Slightly Longer Road Trip” is a continuation of that ad. It shows the group stopping to pay toll, and the toll collector joins the road trip.


The third ad is called “Android: Break Room” and is all about Android Wear-powered smartwatches. Two Androids are wearing smartwatches with square faces, presumably the LG G Watch, while the third Android is wearing a smartwatch with a round face, presumably the LG G Watch R or Motorola Moto 360.


“Android: Scary Movie” is the last spot. It shows Androids in an airplane watching a movie on a tablet (likely the Google Nexus 9). Like the name suggests, they are watching a horror flick on the tablet. Google ends the ad with the tag line, “bigger screens for bigger screams.”


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