Sony Xperia XA in Rose Gold and Lime Gold colours

Rose Gold Sony Xperia XA Gets New Contracts & Lime Gold Gets Upgrades

Rose & Lime Gold Xperia XA Get New Deals

Sony Xperia XA Lime Gold and Rose GoldThe Xperia XA from Sony has just been released in a brand new colour scheme, the new rose gold edition joins the original black and white models whilst the lime gold version now has upgrade deals available.

The new Sony Xperia XA rose gold can now be ordered with new contracts and upgrades on EE, O2 and Vodafone, the lime gold edition Xperia XA is now available with upgrade prices across the same networks.

Released alongside the Sony Xperia X in lime gold and rose gold, the XA offers a slightly deeper hue to its colour schemes.

Xperia XA Contract Prices

The cheapest pay monthly deals to offer the rose gold Xperia XA with no upfront cost are currently priced at £19 a month on both Vodafone and O2, both network contracts offer the same allocations of 500 minutes of calls and 500MB of monthly data.

The lime gold Sony XA is priced exactly the same.

Xperia XA Upgrade Deals

Lime Gold and Rose Gold Sony Xperia XAUpgrade deals for both the lime and rose gold colour schemes offer a free upgrade from £28 a month on both O2 and Vodafone, again both tariffs are the same but this time with unlimited calls and 1GB of data.

Sony Xperia XA upgrade contracts for both colours start from £28.49 a month and double the monthly data to 2GB.

Sony’s Sales Patter

Made to match your life. Because it’s always with you. Your smartphone follows you everywhere.

That’s why Xperia XA has been designed with a new look and feel to truly harmonise with your life. Bringing together a stunning full-width display, a smooth, curved form and a size that’s not-too-big and not-too-small. It’s just right.

Take the edge off.

With a curved glass display that seamlessly meets the rounded frame, this smartphone is as pleasing on the eye as it is on the hand. Infinite viewing. Xperia XA’s display stretches the full width of the phone so there’s barely a frame visible.

This means the screen is maximized without having to make the phone any bigger. For the moments that can’t wait. A camera that launches in no time.

Xperia XA’s camera is always at the ready with a fast-launch camera button. So you’ll never be left fumbling while the moment passes. A super-fast autofocus to capture the instant. Every split-second counts.

Xperia XA features Hybrid Autofocus to freeze the action in a bright, blur-free shot. And thanks to wide focal coverage, you can touch anywhere on the screen, even the corners, and fast focus on a subject. Make your nights shine. Stunning low-light shots now with both cameras.

Want to capture a selfie at a party, or maybe photograph the details of a beautiful cityscape at night? With Xperia XA’s highly responsive sensors you get clear, sharp shots even in low light, with both the front and back cameras.

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