EE Upgrade Prices for the Samsung Galaxy S6 (Black/Gold/White)

We’ve now added EE upgrade deals for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 to our price comparison database for those wanting to stick with EE and their current mobile number.

The fist batch of upgrade tariffs are courtesy of The Carphone Warehouse and are actually priced cheaper than their ‘new customer’ or ‘porting customer’ deals.

Even better news is that their Samsung S6 upgrade deals are available for all of the current colour schemes including black sapphire, gold platinum and white pearl. (We’re still awaiting the release of the blue topaz edition in the UK).

EE 4G Samsung Galaxy S6 Upgrade prices

Compare upgrade prices for Samsung Galaxy S6 deals on EE 4G.

S6 Upgrade Tariffs

White Pearl, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz and Black Sapphire Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 colours

If you don’t like to pay anything upfront for your phone upgrade then EE upgrade deals for the Samsung Galaxy S6 which include a free phone start from £41.99 a month with unlimited minutes and text plus 5GB of data.

If you are able to part with money for your new Samsung S6 upgrade then you can save a little by opting for a lower priced monthly tariff, a good example of this is an upgrade deal on EE at £38.49 with an upfront cost of £19.99 saving you £64.01 over the 24 month contract.

Even cheaper Galaxy S6 upgrade deals on EE will save you even more with a tariff at £33.49 a month and an upfront price of £99.99 saving you £104.01 and the lowest £31.99 contract with £99.99 upfront equating to a total £140.01 saving.

With all of this said, you still need to make sure you are getting the right amount of data for your usage or you could risk paying extra by going over your monthly allocation.

What is an Upgrade?

An upgrade is simply when you decide to stay with your current network operator and keep your existing mobile number whilst taking on a new phone.

Although not always the cheapest way to get your new phone, many consumers feel more relaxed knowing they are staying with the same provider.

The cheapest way to keep your number is to ‘port’ it to a different network once your contract has finished, you are then treated as a new customer and can benefit from a whole host of highly subsidised deals.

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