LG L30

LG L30 – New Red edition L30 by LG Released on Pay As You Go Deals

A new, budget android phone has hit the UK market today, the new red edition LG L30 has been released exclusively by O2 on Pay & Go deals.

How Much?

This inexpensive LG android phone can now be purchased with Pay As You Go deals on O2 from just £49.99, the network are the only operator to offer the LG L30 Red smart phone.

What does it offer?

LG L30

Red LG L30 – Compare the Best Prices Today

If you’re looking for a cheap android phone and are not worried about the latest tech and features then this could be the phone for you!

With a dual core 1GHz processor, the LG L30 lets you play games, browse the internet and use your apps, quickly and smoothly, so you won’t be waiting around for apps to open and pages to load. Powered by KitKat, the latest version of Android, you’ll find lots of handy features, and an all-round user friendly experience.

The L30’s 3.2 inch touchscreen makes it easy to write text messages and read emails. It features the latest IPS screen technology, to display your pictures and other content brightly and clearly.

With LG KnockCode™ (also featured on high specification phones like the LG G3), you can unlock your LG L30 by simply tapping the screen twice. You can even make up your own pattern, with over 80,000 combinations, to help keep your phone private and secure.

Share your LG L30 with your friends and family, without worrying about them accessing content and apps that you don’t want them to. With Guest Mode you can personalise your phone so that only certain functions are available.

You can save your music, videos and pictures onto your LG L30, thanks to the 4GB built in memory. And if you’re looking to store even more content, you can add an external memory card with up to 32GB more storage, so you’ll always have space for the things that matter to you most.

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