Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Plus Gold Platinum

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Plus) Deals Incoming – First Off the mark … EE 4G Contract Prices

Only announced a couple of days ago it seems Samsung have kept to their word of a pre-order release date of their new Galaxy Note Edge+ Plus smart phone.

EE have today announced their prices for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Plus contract deals which you can find below …

S6 Edge+ – Large Display – Large Price?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Black Sapphire

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Black Sapphire

The first contract prices for the Samsung S6 Edge+ (Plus) have now been released by EE for both the Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum edition of the new large-screen smart phone.

Ranging in price from £31.99 for just 500MB of 4G data up to £59.99 for their maximum 20GB pay monthly tariffs we’re obviously more interested in how much they want upfront for the phones.

It’s not pretty, as you would expect when buying direct from a network operator, the prices are far higher than we’ll see from the UK third party retailers.

On the lowest £31.99 tariff, EE would like you to part with a whopping £349.99 of your hard earned cash!

That’s not the end of the bad news either, even on their most expensive tariffs they still want to relieve you of your money, at £59.99 a month they’d still like £29.99 from you!

Their current ‘recommended tariff’ is at £49.99 a month and includes 10GB of data with unlimited calls, why this is their recommended deal we don’t know, 50 quid a month these days for a mobile phone is a little steep if you ask us!

If you are looking to put a brand spanking new S6 Edge+ in your pocket, our advice is HOLD ON, the retailers won’t be far behind in revealing their prices and they’ll be plenty cheaper … don’t you worry!

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