white pearl samsung galaxy s7 edge deals

White Pearl Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Launches on EE Contracts

EE First to Launch White S7 Edge

The much anticipated 3rd colour scheme of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has now made an appearance in the UK just leaving the silver titanium model to show its face.

Now available to order alongside the Gold Platinum and Black Onyx Samsung S7 Edge is the new white pearl edition which has been released with EE 4G contract deals today.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge White Pearl deals

How much is the S7 Edge in White Pearl?

As you might expect, this new white Samsung S7 Edge is more expensive to own whilst only available direct from EE, however contract prices are set to drop as soon as the retailers get their hands on stocks.

Currently, there is no pay monthly tariff offering the phone without an upfront cost, the lowest upfront price for the handset is £9.99 with a line rental cost of £55.99 per month providing 20GB of 4G data and unlimited calls and text.

This is likely to change very quickly as the retailers launch their own deals and upgrade prices and we expect this white version of the S7 Edge to be priced the same as the gold and black editions.

That means that on EE you should be able to pick up a free phone from £37.49 a month very soon.

What’s the difference?

Put simply … none! This latest white model offers the exact same specifications as the other colour schemes and simply wraps it’s mobile tech up in its very cool white pearl, metal casing.

Lovers of white smart phones will always argue that the display looks far better than any other colour of phone … however, we’ll leave that for you to decide!

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