Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB and 64GB prices

DO NOT Buy 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge deals

Why are we recommending that you do not buy the 32GB edition of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge?

It’s not because of a manufacturers fault or any problems with the handset at all, it is simply because it is currently more expensive than the 64GB model!

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32GB vs 64GB prices

Save £432 when you buy a 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 edge instead of a 32GB S6 edge

As a consumer you would naturally presume that as with all other phone models, the smaller 32GB memory format would be cheaper than the larger ones, however this is not the case with Samsung’s flagship S6 edge.

The 64GB version of the phone has been available for sale since its initial release back on March 19th this year and we have slowly seen prices reduced as more retailers compete with offers on different networks.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32GB has only just been launched in the UK and compared with the 64GB edition the prices are sky high, also the smaller memory model has fewer networks to choose from meaning less tariff choices. (Three Mobile, Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff deals are only available for the 64GB model).

Lets look at some examples …


If you did not want to pay anything upfront for your new Samsung S6 edge then the cheapest contract deals to offer a free 64GB version of the phone are currently priced at £44 a month and include unlimited calls and 2GB of data, there’s even £72 worth of cash back to be claimed as a further incentive.

Compare this to the cheapest tariffs to offer a free 32GB version of the S6 edge which are currently priced at £59 a month and the saving is a massive £432.00 over the contract period … you could buy a very good SIM free smart phone for that much!


At the lower end of the tariff scale we also see a difference in upfront costs, at £32.50 a month (currently the cheapest tariff available for the 32GB version on O2) the larger 64GB model will cost you £100 whereas the new 32GB edition is currently priced at £249.99!

iD Mobile

Even on the new network recently launched by The Carphone Warehouse we see the 32GB model is being sold at a higher price than the 64GB edition, at £37.50 a month the smaller memory version costs £219.99 upfront whilst the larger memory version is only £179.99!


There are some exceptions here where we have found the prices are the same for both memory formats, this is most evident on EE 4G contract deals where the lowest priced £14.99 tariff offers the 32GB and 64GB S6 edge at the same £448.

In fact, the prices for both memory formats are mostly identical throughout the EE tariff range, so save yourself some money, get double the memory and opt for the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 edge instead!

These prices are likely to change over time, however this is our advice if you are currently looking to buy an S6 edge phone, we are hopeful that as more retailers receive stocks of the 32GB model that prices will drop.

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