Want to Upgrade to iPhone 7? Compare Cheapest Upgrades Today

Cheapest upgrade deals for iPhone 7 on EE, O2 and VodafoneStaying with your current network provider and keeping your mobile number is most people’s preferred way of buying their new phone, however judging by the upgrade prices offered directly by the networks you would think they don’t mind losing your business!

Very rarely do we hear a ‘good news’ story from customers who have negotiated a cheap upgrade deal from their current provider, unlike when you ask for your PAC code to port your number to a competitor when they’ll transfer you to their ‘retentions department’ and offer you a cheaper price.

No, upgrading to a new phone directly with the main operators has proven to be the most expensive route for many consumers, so what’s the alternative?

Well, just as you would compare contract deals as a new network customer when porting, you can compare the cheapest upgrade prices from UK retailers.

How much to upgrade to iPhone 7?

O2 iPhone 7 Upgrade Deals

The most popular tariffs that O2 customers are choosing to upgrade to the iPhone 7 offer 3GB of monthly 4G data and unlimited calls, however there are different monthly prices to choose from…

  1. £39.50 a month is the most popular BUT not the cheapest, many consumers opt for this one because there is no upfront upgrade cost to pay but you can save by opting for this one…
  2. £36.50 a month provides you with the same 3GB data and unlimited calls but with an upfront cost of £50 which can be discounted using our exclusive code to £40

… right, it’s time to get the calculator out:

£39.50 x 24 month (+£0.00 upfront) = £948

£36.50 x 24 + £40 upfront = £916

YOU SAVE £32 by choosing the lower line rental and small upfront cost.

EE iPhone 7 Upgrade Deals

The majority of consumers are opting for more data heavy tariffs for their iPhone 7 upgrade on EE, the most popular deals offer 5GB and 7GB of monthly 4G data along with unlimited calls, these are the two most popular…

  1. £35.99 a month with 7GB data + £90 upfront (discounted to £80 with our voucher code)
  2. £40.99 a month with 10GB data + £9.99 upfront (this is for a refurbished handset)

Here we have to address the refurb issue, it seems that consumers are becoming wise to the value of refurbished handsets which are simply phones that have been sent to customer previously before being returned and are supplied with a warranty. Essentially they are brand new phones that cannot be sold as such!

This brings us to a third upgrade deal on EE which is on the same tariff as number 2 but for a brand new iPhone 7:

  • £40.99 a month with 10GB data + £35 upfront (discounted to £25 with our voucher code)

Calculators out again! The brand new handset is only £15.01 more expensive than a refurb version yet savvy shoppers are opting for the refurbished handset for an extra saving knowing it’s of the same quality!

Vodafone iPhone 7 Upgrade Deals

It’s all down to overall cost again with Vodafone upgrade prices, the network currently has a promotion running which offers vastly increased data allocations of 24GB a month instead of as little as 6GB!

  1. £32 a month with 24GB data + £134.99 upfront (discounted to £114.99 with our voucher code)
  2. £42 a month with 24GB data + (£0.00 upfront)

Calculator time again!

£32 x 24 + £114.99 = £882.99

£42 x 24 +(£0.00 upfront) = £1008

This is a great example of paying a little more upfront to make substantial savings over the contract period, in this case customers opting for the cheaper £32 tariff are saving £125.01!

iPhone 7 Upgrades on Other Networks

Unfortunately, none of the other network operators currently let the retailers upgrade their customers.

This leaves consumers with just one price, the one quoted by their network! There are obviously other options to buy the iPhone 7 cheaper like porting your number to a different network.

We hope this changes in the future and we are starting to see movement with the introduction of iD Mobile upgrades via retailers, just not for the iPhone 7 yet!

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