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Amazon Fire Phone Deals – O2 Exclusive Amazon Phone

Amazons first smart phone has now landed in the UK thanks to an exclusive agreement with the O2 network, this new smart phone promises a very different user experience thanks to new innovations developed by Amazon.

Amazon Fire phone deals

Compare Amazon Fire Phone deals, see the cheapest contract prices today.

Amazon Fire Phone Deals

Only currently available on the O2 network there’s no way to compare prices from other suppliers so as it currently stands the cheapest contract deal to offer a free Amazon Fire phone is priced at £33 a month and includes unlimited calls and 2GB of data.

The cheapest O2 tariff to offer the phone actually costs only £13 a month but there’s an upfront cost of £399.99 for the handset, this low-user deal includes 500 minutes and 500MB of data which unless you are connected to Wi-Fi for most of your internet usage will soon disappear if you’re using the Amazon Fire phone to the best of its potential.

What the Amazon Fire Phone offers

Amazon Fire PhoneAmazon’s first smart phone offers some new and unique features like Firefly which can recognise thousands of movies, videos, books and bar codes, the famous Mayday button and Dynamic Perspective for a 3D experience all packed under an impressive HD display.

It may look a bit black and ‘slab-like’, however the Fire phone is more of a minimalistic design concentrating more on features than looks!

Dynamic Perspective

Thanks to Dynamic Perspective, Amazon Fire phone lets you experience interactions not possible on other smartphones. With one hand you can get to menus, shortcuts, and useful information.

Tilt your Fire phone to see panels—the left panel lets you navigate menus, while the right panel shows you useful information and shortcuts, like attaching photos to a text message and more. Swivel to see important notifications and get to actions like Mayday, Flashlight and your Settings.

Peek keeps your display uncluttered by showing you additional details and quick actions when you need them. With autoscroll, you can even read an entire book, or scroll down a long website, without having to touch the screen.


Firefly quickly recognises web and e-mail addresses, phone numbers and more, making it easier for you to add information to your contacts, go to a web address, or make a call. Firefly also includes Text & Translation, which enables you to point at text — such as a menu or sign — and have it translated. Text & Translation supports English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Firefly can also recognise and give you more information on over 90 million items, including films, TV episodes, songs and products. So you can easily add them to your Wish List, place an order, or share with friends. Just hold the Firefly button to discover useful information and take action in seconds.

Mayday Button

Just hit the Mayday button to chat to an Amazon expert via live video – they are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and aim to respond in 15 seconds or less. Amazon’s tech experts can help you with any of the phone’s features by drawing on your screen, walking you through how to do something yourself, or even doing it for you—whatever’s right for you. No waiting in a queue , with no appointment needed. Normal data charges apply when you are using Mayday over our mobile network.

Our Verdict

The Amazon Fire Phone has some very clever tricks up its sleeve which make it stand out from other devices, add to this super-speedy quad-core processing, a high-end 13 mega pixel camera and an array of cameras on the front of the phone to track your head movements and you’ve got some serious mobile tech for your money.

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