Rose Gold Pink Samsung Galaxy S7 Launched with Contract Deals

Samsung’s New S7 in Rose Pink Gold

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rose Pink GoldA fifth colour scheme of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 has now launched in the UK, joining the black onyx, white pearl, gold platinum and silver titanium editions is the brand new rose pink gold finished in a stunning rose gold ‘mirrored’ glass casing.

If you’ve ever seen a Samsung Galaxy S7 up close, you’ll understand how the metal and glass diffuses the light to reveal different hues of colour and this is definitely prevalent in the new rose gold pink edition which almost sparkles as you turn it in the light!

Samsung S7 Rose Gold Pink Prices

Both sides and rear view of the rose pink gold Samsung Galaxy S7As you might expect with a new model release, the contract prices for the rose gold pink edition Galaxy S7 are currently slightly higher than those of the other colour schemes, however if you want to get your hands on this beautiful phone then it is now available on EE, Vodafone, Three Mobile, O2 and iD Mobile contracts.

The current cheapest pay monthly tariffs to include the S7 Rose Gold Pink with no upfront cost are priced at £30.99 a month on EE 4G and provide 500 minutes of calls and 1GB of monthly 4G data.

If you would prefer your new rose pink S7 on a different network then Three Mobile deals offering a free phone start at £33 a month, on O2 contracts from £36.50 and from £42 on Vodafone pay monthly tariffs.

We are still awaiting upgrade prices for the Samsung Galaxy S7 rose gold at time of writing, however we expect them to be released very soon so keep a close eye out if you would prefer to stay with your existing network and keep your number.

UPDATE: Upgrade deals have been released for both the S7 & S7 Edge Rose Pink Gold with EE, Vodafone and EE upgrade prices now available!

If you are more taken with the curved display of the S7 Edge then there is also a rose gold pink edition of that model too which we will update you on in our next news post! (We’re just waiting for those pesky upgrade deals to be launched!).

Under the S7’s hood

Get ready for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to keep you in the loop with a display that never sleeps. And when you do wake it up, you’ll enjoy Virtual Reality gaming on a stunning screen powered by Super AMOLED technology.

Even when the 5.1 inch Quad HD screen is sleeping, you’ll be able to see useful info and notifications such as time, date, calls and texts, all using less that 1% battery consumption per hour.

Combine with a Gear VR which offers 360 degree gaming experiences, while Game Launcher brings all your favourite titles together in one place. There’ll be plenty of storage for all your games, apps and media thanks to a MicroSD card slot, offering up to 200GB extra space.

You’ll enjoy blur-free photography with the Galaxy S7, which boasts a Dual Pixel 12MP camera superfast focus. Get remarkable results even in low light, thanks to a F1.7 aperture which lets in more light for brighter and more vivid colours.

Elsewhere on the Samsung Galaxy S7 you’ll enjoy Samsung Pay, a waterproof rating of IP68, octa-core processor and a fast charging battery that can reach capacity in less than two hours. This all comes wrapped up in a desirable aluminium body which makes the S7 stylish as well as practical.


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