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iPhone XR – Deals of the Day

Okay, you got us! We really haven’t been posting in our blog nearly enough recently!

Hopefully, choosing to post a ‘Deal of the Day’ will give us the kick up the bum we need!

Deal of the Day – 29/01/19

Today, we’ve chosen a limited time deal for the new iPhone XR.

The great news is that the deal is available for all 6 colour schemes …

Black, Blue, Coral, Red, White and Yellow!

It’s priced at just £34 a month and after you receive your automatic cashback from the retailer offering the deal, plus an extra £10 OFF using our discount code, the upfront cost equates to just £65!

iPhone XR Deal of the Day

iPhone XR at £34 a month for 15GB data, unlimited calls & text with just £65 upfront!

How does this work?iPhone XR Black

You pays your dues but get most back!

Basically, you still pay £155 upfront to the retailer when you use our exclusive discount code in your basket.

The retailer then processes your order for next day delivery.

They then send your £90 automatic cashback to your door in the form of a cheque for you to bank which brings down the original price you paid upfront to just £65!

(They are stating up to 38 days for delivery of your cheque after connection.)

That’s it!

Who can order this deal?

This O2 deal comes with a new number so there are three ways to bag this offer …

  1. Take on a new number
  2. Switch (port) your number from another network
  3. The O2 Upgrade Hack!

The what hack?!! 😲

O2 are the only UK network that currently allows their existing customers to order deals meant for new customers and then transfer their number across!

We’ve not heard of a scenario yet where an O2 customer that has finished their existing contract has called O2 after ordering and not been allowed to transfer their number across to their new contract.

The downside is that O2 will need to credit check you for a second line, so if your credit score is a bit ‘iify’ you might not want to risk it and look at the cheapest O2 upgrade deals for the iPhone XR instead.

Oh, one more thing, we know we said ‘Deal’ of the day, but for those wanting double the data offered by the £34 plan, there’s another limited time deal at £37 for a whopping 30GB data and the same £90 automatic cashback plus our £10 OFF discount code!

That equates to just £50 upfront once your cashback cheque is delivered and banked!

Limited Time iPhone XR deal with £50 upfront

Bag the iPhone XR with 30GB data, unlimited calls and text at just £37 a month with £50 upfront after cashback!


Take your pick from the 6 colour schemes! …


iPhone XR Yellow deals iPhone XR Black deals iPhone XR Blue deals iPhone XR Coral deals iPhone XR Red deals iPhone XR White deals


We are going to try our hardest to bring you more Deals of the Day when we find the time to sit down and type a few words, hopefully speak soon!

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