US Lifts Huawei Ban (on some products).

Huawei shop

The ins and outs are sketchy at best, but President Trump has now announced that US companies can again sell their equipment to Huawei. Trump Lifts Ban on Huawei Further to the original ban on trading with Huawei on May 15th, this weekend saw the president give China a trade concession. This means Huawei should […]

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 ‘Mobile(s) / Fone Limited’ – Cold Calling Scam

Indian call centre cold calling using fake names; Mobile / Mobile / Fone Limited

It’s been going on for months and the authorities still haven’t caught these scammers, they are even using our physical address in emails and on fake websites. They have also claimed to be in partnership with Carphone Warehouse and and are still busy ruining people’s credit scores and leaving them with 2 year contracts […]

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