BlackBerry Priv goes through fire torture test – will it survive

Remember Jerry – the young man behind YouTube channel JerryRigEverything? If not, he was the one who proved that it takes very little effort to bend the Huawei Nexus 6P in half. Well, Jerry is back. This time, however, he has put a different device through a similar test. That device is the new BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry Priv put through fire test


In Jerry’s first test, he shows how the BlackBerry Priv’s screen measures up against keys and change in your pocket. It showed that the screen will survive keys and coins. However, if things like sand were to rub against the screen, this could leave unsightly scratches on the screen. The test also reveals that you shouldn’t put your Priv in your pocket. Although the screen can withstand keys and coins, the camera lens cannot. The test shows that the camera lens got scratched when keys rubbed against it. The test also revealed that the keys on the QWERTY keyboard can easily get scratched. This is understandable since they are made of plastic. This, however, doesn’t worry us too much, since the QWERTY keyboard will be hidden most of the time under the screen, and it is less likely that an owner will put the device in his (or her) pocket with the keyboard slid out. Also revealed in the test is a rubber layer under the keyboard keys that keeps dirt and grime out.

Jerry also put the BlackBerry Priv through a burn test. When the AMOLED screen was burned by a lighter, the pixels closed down and turned white. When the flame was removed, the pixels came back to life. With the Huawei Nexus 6P, exposing the screen to fire will permanently damage the pixels.

Understandably, the BlackBerry Priv will not pass a bend test, as it comes with two movable parts. Jerry shows that it only take two fingers to show a gap between the two parts when a little pressure is applied to bend it. Again, this doesn’t worry us too much, since most users are likely to have the keyboard hidden behind the screen most of the time, preventing bending.

Here’s the video:


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